About Maasai Festival

Maasai Festival is an annual extravaganza dedicated to Celebrating Tanzania Culture and rhythm inspired by Rich and Beautiful Tanzania inheritance to the World. It will be an inclusive, creative event involving a variety of sectors and audiences.

The Festival will involve audience from all walks of life; All ages and gender to experience a variety of Tanzanian tribes showcasing unique extension of the creative music ,culture and arts delivering hilarious and engaging performances in a funny and relaxed atmosphere. We believe this event will not only provide excellent entertainment but also serve as an excellent opportunity for community-building.

Maasai Festival’s team of organizers include Cultural, Entertainment and business experts from Tanzania, dedicated to creating an International standard Festival that will claim Identity to Introduce Tanzania to the World of Tourism.

Maasai Festival is a unique event that has managed to bring together four ministries of the government sharing a common goal of promoting cultural tourism. These ministries are

This powerful partnership balances the goals and impacts that’s Maasai Festival sets out to achieve.